Anna Politkovskaya

Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya chronicled human rights abuses and atrocities committed in the Second Chechen War by the Russian military, Chechen rebels, and the Russian-backed Chechen administration. Her work, critical of Vladimir Putin’s government, also exposed corruption in Russian business, government, and the judiciary. She was a fierce advocate for a free press, and she received numerous awards and honors for her investigative journalism. But, she also received frequent death threats. She was once held by Russian military officers and subjected to a mock execution. “I will not go into the other joys of the path I have chosen, the poisoning, the arrests, the threats in letters and over the Internet, the telephoned death threats, the weekly summons to the prosecutor general’s office,” she said. She also displayed great concern for those who gave her information, saying “people sometimes pay with their lives for saying aloud what they think. In fact, one can even get killed for giving me information. I have examples that prove it.” In 2006, she was murdered in the elevator of her Moscow flat. Although 5 men were convicted of her contract murder, the person responsible for ordering the murder has never been identified. To read more about Anna, her work, and the circumstances surrounding her death, click this link.

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