The Women Who Served in the Vietnam War

Today’s Women’s History Month Moment is dedicated to the women who served in the Vietnam War. Over 265,000 women volunteered to serve in the US armed forces during the Vietnam War, with about 11,000 stationed in Vietnam and many others stationed on ships off the coast of South Vietnam, and in countries like Japan, Guam, and the Philippines. Many were nurses, but women also served as doctors, physical therapists, air traffic controllers, communications specialists, intelligence officers, and many others. Many additional civilian women served in Vietnam as journalists and as workers for the Red Cross, the USO, the American Friends Service Committee, Catholic Relief Service, and other humanitarian organizations. Due to the nature of the Vietnam War, there were no safe zones and women faced the full dangers of war. Many were injured and died, just as did their male counterparts. The Vietnam Women’s Memorial was dedicated in 1993 as part of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington DC to honor these women’s service.

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