Gisella Perl

Dr. Gisella Perl was a doctor–and prisoner–in Auschwitz. She quickly learned that pregnant women and their unborn babies were sure to become victims of “research” and ultimately killed. “When Dr. Perl learned of a pregnant prisoner, she would explain to the expectant mothers the situation…. She would … terminate pregnancies in the middle of the night with her bare hands (without any tools, anesthesia, bandages or antibiotics) on the dirty floors and bunks of the barracks.” After the war, she came to the US and started a medical practice in NYC. “She was in practice for 43 years, delivering approximately 3,000 healthy babies. Every time she entered the delivery room, … she would pray, “God, you owe me a life—a living baby.”” She was also one of the first and only women to speak openly about the sexual violence that occurred in Nazi concentration camps. Read more about her amazing story at this link.

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